Frequently Asked Questions

  • This section contains important information ranging from making an application, academic and financial issues, etc. Please read the following FAQs carefully before making an application.

    If you have any queries, please email us at OR   

  • The exchange programme usually lasts for one semester, but there might be instances where you may go for more than one semester.

  • There is a reciprocal tuition fee waiver exchange agreement with the host university as NIE student teachers will continue to pay tuition fees to NIE, but you will have to pay for airfare, accommodation, living expenses and other miscellaneous costs such as insurance.

  • The grades attained during the exchange will not contribute towards your CGPA, and you will only be graded either pass or fail for your courses. This will only apply to courses taken in the host university that are equivalent to your NIE courses.

    NIE will only do a transfer of courses credits; clearing of credits for the courses that student teachers have passed.

  • We would recommend you to go for the exchange programme during your 3rd year of your study; this would allow you to have more semesters to complete your remaining courses, in the event if you are unable to match all of your courses during the exchange semester. However, please note that there is a possibility of an extension of your programme. As such, you will have to bear the tuition fees for the extended semester(s) regardless of whether you are under MOE’s sponsorship or a full-fee paying student.

  • You can apply to go for the exchange programme in Year 4, although it is not encouraged. However, as it is your final year, you may not have sufficient semesters to complete your courses and will most likely have to extend your course of study in order to complete the required courses.

  • You may find the list of course coordinators here.

    We highly recommend you to match as many courses as possible, because following the approval of course matching by NIE course coordinators and relevant Academic Groups, the matched courses will require further approval by your host university; thus, the number of matched courses might be further reduced.

    Please conduct your own research to do a preliminary match of courses before approaching the relevant course coordinators to seek approval for the courses you have matched.

  • You might have to overload in the following semester(s) if you are not able to clear course(s) during your exchange and do not fulfil the planned number of credits to be cleared for that semester.

    Yes, you can try to match courses from later semesters during your exchange semester, provided that the course does not have any prerequisites or if you have already completed the prerequisites for that particular course.

  • All degree students must complete a minimum of 69 AUs in NIE/NTU for their degree programme in order to graduate from NTU. However, crossover students usually only have 69 AUs for their degree programme after exemptions from their Diploma programme. Credits from the Diploma programme cannot be counted towards the 69 AU requirement stipulated by NTU.

    Therefore, you may check how many AUs you have for your Degree programme before deciding whether to apply for the exchange. You may apply only if you have enough credits to satisfy the minimum required number of credits per semester, after deducting the 69 AUs to be completed in NTU. To add on, crossover students will most likely have to extend up to one or 2 semesters to if they are to go on exchange programmes and will have to pay for the extended semesters themselves.

  • Students who wish to course match NIE modules against the Host university, are required to seek the approval from the respective NIE course coordinators.

    Students who wish to course match NTU modules against the Host university, are required to seek the approval from the respective NTU course coordinators.

    Students who wish to course match UE modules against the Host university, are required to seek the approval from the Assistant Dean, Degree.

    Please download the Course Approval Form.