Linköping University,

Teacher training in Linköping University is available for all levels of the Swedish school and pre-school system and teacher students come into contact with local schools from the very start. Almost all subject areas are represented, such as natural and social sciences, special education, modern languages, outdoor education, crafts.

Typical for Educational Sciences is vocational education and qualification, student placement from the first course element, close cooperation with local schools and research closely linked to the Swedish school system.

Exchange students have an opportunity to engage in comparative educational studies, explore the educational system in Sweden and meet fellow students at Linköping University. Exchange students may choose from a range of courses taught in English, including placement in local schools.

The teachers within the faculty have long experience from teacher education. Peer students are on hand to answer questions about placements, such as dress code and etiquette or questions regarding student life.


More information on the university can be found at LiU.