University College Capital (UCC)

UCC was established in 2007 and represents a unique blend of century old higher education institutions and ambitious efforts to meet 21st century demands for innovative and high quality graduate and post-graduate studies, applied research and professional development.

A significant feature of UCC bachelor programmes is a high level of integration between theory and practice. This is reflected in their approach to teaching and in teaching staff that consists of both lecturers with a university degree, lecturers with a strong profile from their professional practice, and lecturers with a combination of both.

UCC bachelor programmes are offered in a total of 10 different locations in and around Copenhagen, which gives students the best opportunity to both experience Copenhagen and its varied surroundings.

UCC has its own department of Teacher Education that offers an international module, combined with two electives and a 3 weeks practice placement in a Danish school. This amounts to 30 ECTS (or approximately 16 AUs).

More information on the university can be found at: UCC, Denmark

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