Learning Journey from UCC Student Teachers 2013

"For me the biggest learning outcome has been personal. It has been a really good experience for me to see how the school system in Singapore works. How another school system can work. I think there is pros and cons about the school education in Singapore as well in Denmark. Often the things I found as strength in Singapore is a weakness in Denmark and the other way around.

I have enjoyed being at Nanyang Primary School. I have experienced The Floral Harmony Day, Babble and Speech Contest, visiting Telok Kurau Primary School, and the lower Primary School of Nanyang. I appreciated my two teachers for sharing their experience and teaching skills with me. I will remember Singapore for their values, impressive workload and the scaffolding theory."   - Astrid Hvelplund Riis

"This five weeks' practicum at Nanyang was fruitful. I learnd a lot about schools in Singapore and myself. My biggest gain was classroom management. I had not had any classroom management courses in Denmark, and did not know how important it was before. After several trial teaching lessons in Singapore, I realized that, classeroom management was almost the most important part in teaching, because if the class was not settled down or the teacher could not get the pupils' attention, then teaching and learning process would totally be impossible to take place. I did not have any problems in getting pupils' attention in Denmark when I teach, but for some reasons, I felt it was impossible for me to get attention from the whole class in Singapore. I am glad that I can have a chance to face this kind of problem and learn some solutions here in this practicum.

I have learnt

1. the importance of giving clear instruction, and several steps for giving instructions.

2. several ways of visual cues and body language to get pupils attention.

3. marking & feedback file -- a clear and efficient way of giving feedback to pupils and parents.

I really appreciated the help my CTs offered me, even though they were really busy, they still found time to guide me and share their experiences with me. They gave me so much freedom so I could try my ways of teaching and learn from my own mistakes; they guided me and gave me feedback so that I could learn more; from the experiences they shared with me I could get more inspirations for my teaching." - Nan Li

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