Learning journey from VIA student teachers 2013

"I like the discipline in Singapore, for an example the way students respect their teachers; we could have the same in Denmark.  All in all it has been a very educational experience, with a lot of things to take home to Denmark." - Rasmus

"It has been quite an experience to see a school system so different from the Danish. Not only because of class sizes, the respect and authority for the teachers, the time spent in school or that the students were very conscientious and dutiful, but also the environment and atmosphere which somehow seems to enfold the school with positive vibrations. I have learnt a lot and will definitely bring some of it with me when I am going back to Denmark. I can see pros and cons from both systems, in all I believe that Singapore can be a bit too extreme and Denmark a bit too vague a mix between the two systems could maybe work. But I guess that is why we do the exchange-programmes, to reflect on our own way of doing things and maybe find better ways." - Katrine

"It's been very positive to witness the efficiency and the amount of topics that were being taught here. The Danish are moving towards what is already implemented in Singapore in terms of longer school days and more focus on the academics and thay is definitely something that I feel is a necessity." I also find that there is a great respect and trust from the public on the Singapore education system." - Carsten

"I have experienced that teachers often stayed in school after teaching hours to prepare the next lessons. This kind of dedication is something I admire a lot and I hope that I will be able to do the same." - Tilak