Generic Roles and Responsibilities of NIES

  • Official representative of NIE
  • Conduct pre and post-practicum conferences
  • Give feedback to student teacher on portfolio presentation during pre-practicum conference (PGDE programmes only)
  • Oversee work of student teacher
  • Take care of all student teachers in schools under his/her charge
  • Conduct lesson observations (for relevant practicum)
  • Liaise with school via SCM (and CTs if necessary)
  • Moderate student teachers’ performance across schools under his/her charge
  • Provide an NIE moderator for ALL potential DISTINCTION and FAIL cases (for relevant practicums)
  • Inform student teacher of moderation for potential DISTINCTION/FAIL
  • Collaborate and decide with school on final grade to be awarded to student teacher
  • Listen to student teacher's final portfolio presentation and help him/her consolidate learning during post-practicum conference (PGDE programmes only)

Details of roles and responsibilities can be found in the Practicum Handbook 2015 which is avaible in the 'Templates & Downloads' section