PGDE (PE)(Sec) Programme

The practicum for the 2-year Postgraduate Diploma in Education (Physical Education) [PGDE(PE-Sec)] programme is spread throughout the entire programme and is developmental in nature. It comprises two school attachment periods, i.e., Teaching Practice 1 (TP1) and followed by Teaching Practice (TP2).

Practicum Structure of the PGDE(PE) Programme
Practicum Component Duration Period Grading No. of CT lesson observations No. of NIES' visits1& lesson observations
TP1 5 Weeks Before Semester 1 of Year 2 Pass / Fail 2

2 school visits and
1 lesson observation

TP2 10 Weeks Semester 2 of Year 2 Distinction* / Credit / Pass / Fail* 6

2 school visits and
2 lesson observations

* Moderation required.
1 The 2 “school visits” refer to the courtesy call and the end-of-practicum visit (not necessarily an assessment meeting).