PGDE (Pri/Sec/JC) Programme

The Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) programme aims to prepare university graduates to become primary, secondary school or junior college teachers, respectively. It is a 16-month programme except for those specialising in the 2-year PGDE (Physical Education).

The student teachers in the PGDE (Pri) and PGDE(Sec) programmes are equipped with the knowledge and skills to teach 1 - 2 primary school subjects, whilst the student teachers in the PGDE (JC) programme are equipped with the knowledge and skills to teach 1 subject at junior college level and 2 subjects at secondary school level. However, unlike the Dip Ed and BA/BSc(Ed) programmes, the PGDE student teachers do not need to offer academic subjects as they already come into the programme with the relevant content knowledge from their university training.

For the 16-month PGDE (Pri), PGDE (Sec) and PGDE (JC) programmes, practicum comprises two school attachment periods, i.e., Teaching Assistantship (TA) and Teaching Practice (TP).

Practicum Structure of the PGDE(Pri), PGDE (Sec) and PGDE (JC) Programmes

Programme Practicum Component Duration Period Grading No. of CT lesson observations No. of NIES visits1& lesson observations
 PGDE(Pri/Sec/JC)  TA  4 weeks  Semester 1 of Year 1  Pass / Fail  N.A N.A 
PGDE (Pri/Sec) TP 10 Weeks Semester 2 of Year 1 Distinction* / Credit / Pass / Fail* 6

2 school visits and
2 lesson observations


* Moderation required.

The 2 "school visits" refer to the courtesy call and the end-of-practicum visit (not necessarily an assessment meeting).