Undergraduate Programmes

The BA/BSc(Ed) programme is a 4-year course. It is designed for the academic education as well as professional training of undergraduates to enable them to become effective teachers in the schools. Such teachers will have not only a clear understanding of the concepts and principles of teaching and learning and the competencies to teach effectively but also a strong foundation in one of two academic subjects.

The practicum is spread throughout the entire BA/BSc (Ed) programme and is developmental in nature. It comprises four school attachment periods, i.e., School Experience (SE), Teaching Assistantship (TA), Teaching Practice 1 (TP1) and Teaching Practice 2 (TP2).

Practicum Structure of the BA/BSc(Ed) Programme
Practicum Component Duration Period Grading No. of CT lesson observations No. of NIES' visits1& lesson observations
SE 2 Weeks Before Semester 1 of Year 2 Satisfactory / Unsatisfactory Nil Nil
TA 5 Weeks Before Semester 1 of Year 3 Pass / Fail


However, student teachers have to do assisted teaching during weeks 3-5 (1 class for CS1)

2 school visits
TP1 5 Weeks Before Semester 1 of Year 4 Pass / Fail* 2 2 school visits,
1-2 lesson observations2
TP2 10 Weeks Semester 2 of Year 4 Distinction* / Credit / Pass / Fail* 6 2 school visits and
2 lesson observations

* Moderation required.

1 The 2 “school visits” refer to the courtesy call and the end-of-practicum visit (not necessarily an assessment meeting).

2 For BA/BSc(Ed), Dip Ed and PGDE PE (Pri/Sec) TP1, the NIES can make the first lesson observation on (or by) the fourth week. If the student teacher is failing, the NIES will suggest ways of improving teaching – which the student teacher should act on. The NIES will conduct a second lesson observation to follow-up as soon as possible. Thereafter a moderator is appointed if need be.