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  • Title of project Grant Principal Investigator & Members Duration

    Field Experience in Teacher Education: Insights on motivational processes and Theory-Practice nexus


    LIU Woon Chia (TE, PS)


    Oct 10 – Oct 12

    A Longitudinal Study of Teacher Values and Competencies in the Initial Years of Teaching


    GOH Kim Chuan (OAQM/ HSSE)
    WONG Foong Lin Angela (LST) 
    CHONG Nguik Yin Sylvia (OAQM/VPA)CHOY Doris (LST)
    LIM Kam Ming (TE, PS)
    LEE Ong Kim (PLS)
    LIU Woon Chia (TE, PS)
    LOW Ee Ling (TE, ELL)

    2008 - 2012