Social Studies (Primary)

Many rich and quality teaching and learning resources of the humanities can be found at the respective subject pages in edumall2.0. Please log in to access the useful materials that would be valuable for your lesson preparations during practicum.

Social Studies (Secondary) Resources

Teachers can search for multi media resources for teaching and learning at this page in Edumall. Key in relevant search terms related to the Social Studies Syllabus for these resources.

Social Studies (Secondary) Resource Spotlight
Resources for teaching and learning will be highlighted on this page in Edumall.

Library Guides for Social Studies Secondary 
As part of the ongoing support to schools, the Social Studies (Secondary) Unit has worked with the National Library Board (NLB) to customise the Library Guides and highlight the various resources possible for 6 of the Social Studies theme. These resources include newspapers articles, speeches and essays, books and reports. Please click on the themes to access the Library Guides.