Working with Student Teacher

NIES, SCMs and CTs are mentors to student teachers during practicum. As a mentor, the NIES/SCM/CT is

  • A model and instructor of students’ teaching
  • An information source for tips and advice
  • A provider of an introduction to the teaching world
  • A co-enquirer who stimulates students’ reflections on their own lessons
  • A coach or a supporter
  • A challenger
  • An evaluator

He/she provides both instructional and psychological support to the student teachers under his/her charge.

  1. Instructional support
    • includes assisting the novice with the knowledge, skills, and strategies necessary to be successful in the classroom and school
  2. Psychological support

    • to build the protégé's sense of self through confidence building, developing feelings of effectiveness, encourage positive self-esteem, enhancing self-reliance, and learning to handle stress that is a large part of transition

(Gold, 1996)