Above all - Attitude matters

Full Name: Mrs Maheswari Mohanavelu

Email: mahes_mohan@yahoo.com.sg

Programme: PGDE (Pri)

I was attached to Yio Chu Kang Primary School for my practicum training. I taught 2 different levels, Primary 2 (English) and Primary 4 (Maths and Science). The dynamics of each level was very unique. My Primary 2 class had already been adopting differentiated instruction techniques - according to the various abilities of the students. This meant that when i was preparing my lesson, I had to take into account the Low Ability , Middle Ability as well as the High Ability students. Even when i was giving instructions or preparing an activity sheet, each set of instructions should be carefully crafted to meet the different needs of the pupils. Although this was challenging for me as a trainee, i took it upon to learn more from my CT - Ms Vani. She was extremely patient and offered me valuable tips. She would offer me help in the design of my resources and lesson plans to which i was most grateful.

In my Primary 4 class, although there was no differentiated instruction, majority of the learners was between LA and MA. As the class profile consist mostly of boys, there could be disruptive at times. Energy level for the lessons thus had to be extremely high. As soon as i learnt this, i used many of the ICT tools which i was taught in NIE, and it immediately took my lessons to another level. The students actually calmed down and would get ready to pay attention.

The lesson I learnt was that it is extremely important to pay careful attention to what your CTs and SCMs have to say. It is important to show that you are open to feedback and are willing to learn. Even if you do make mistakes, often than not, it is your attitude that you display as a teacher in the classroom and in the staffroom that would get you through this trying phase. I now look forward to going back and starting my life as BT, and i Hope by reading this some of you will benefit too :)

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