Special Needs Resources

Dyslexia Association of Singapore website 
See section for teachers for signs and symptoms, advice, and tips for identifying and working with students with dyslexia.

Roc n Ash website
This is an IMH e-portal where teachers, parents, and students can get information on ADHD and childhood anxiety.

SEN Teacher website 
This website provides free teaching & learning resources for teachers working with primary and elementary students with special needs and learning disabilities.

Cindy's Autistic Support website 
This website has information, ideas, and materials for working with children with autism spectrum disorders. Topics include structuring the classroom, schedules, classroom and behaviour management, social skills, and many more.

do2Learn website 
There are lots of ideas, activities, songs, interactive games, picture cards, and materials for working with children with special needs.

Positively Autism website 
A collection of materials, lesson plans, data sheets, games, work tasks, and other educational resources for students with autism.

Geneva Centre for Autism, Visual Aids Gallery
Go to this website for English visual images, tip sheets and demonstration videos.

Autism Classroom.com website 
Visit this website for information, materials, and strategies on how to teach students with autism.

Autism for teachers website 
A sharing of ideas, materials, and information to help students with autism.