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Visual and Performing Arts - ARTS ELECTIVES


A rich Arts experience awaits all students at NTU regardless of your major. VPA, NIE offers a diverse range of Unrestricted Electives for all students in NTU.

  • Course Code Course Title  Remarks
     AAA08A (3AU)   Art as Commodity: The Ideals of Art and the Realities of the Free Market  Offered in Aug 2018
    AAA08B (3AU) Fashion and Design: Wearable Art as Second Skin  Offered in Aug 2018 
     AAA08C (3AU) Expressive Drawing: Developing
    Personal Approach and Style
      Offered in Aug 2018
     AAA08D (3AU) Abstract Painting: Why it's Here and
    How it's Made 
     Offered in Aug 2018
     AAA18D (3AU)  Life Drawing   Offered in Aug 2018
     AAA18E (3AU) Drawing  Offered in Aug 2018
    AAA18G (3AU)  Tabletop Game Design I    Offered in Aug 2018
     AAA18H (3AU) Painting with Oil & Acrylics   Offered in Aug 2018
     AAA18J  (3AU) Silkscreen Printing   Offered in Aug 2018
     AAA18M (3AU) Batik  Offered in Aug 2018
     AAA18Q (3AU)  Printmaking  Offered in Aug 2018
     AAA18R (3AU)  Sculpture  Offered in Aug 2018
    AAA28H (3AU)  Traditional and Creative Chinese Painting   Offered in Aug 2018
    AAA28R (3AU)   Ceramics I   Offered in Aug 2018
  • Course Code Course Title  Remarks
     AAU 08A  Theatre Games: Engagement Through Play  Offered in Aug 2018
    AAU 28C Twenty-First Century Learning through Theatre & Drama   Offered in Aug 2018 
     AAU 28B The Creative Classroom: Introducing Drama through
    Imagination and Play 
     Offered in Aug 2018 
     AAU 28A Drama as Engaged and Collaborative Learning    Offered in Aug 2018
     AAU 28D Voice Studies and Production    Offered in Aug 2018

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  • Course Code Course Title  Remarks
    AAI182 (3AU) Foundations in Musical Studies I   Offered in Aug 2018 
     AAI28A/AAI280(3AU) Improvisation   Offered in Aug 2018
     AAI28C/AAI282 (3AU) Percussion    Offered in Aug 2018
     AAI38B/AAI381 (3AU) Studies in Japanese Music   Offered in Aug 2018
     AAI38C/AAI382 (3AU)  Classical Guitar I  Offered in Aug 2018
     AAI38D/AAI383 (3AU) Choir I   Offered in Aug 2018
    AAI38G/AAI385 (3AU)  Voice   Offered in Aug 2018
     AAI38J/AAI387 (3AU) Band I   Offered in Aug 2018
     AAI38N/AAI391 (3AU) Studies in Indonesian Gamelan II   Offered in Aug 2018
     AAI48A/AAI480 (3AU) Studies in Chinese Music   Offered in Aug 2018
     AAI48B/AAI481 (3AU)   Studies in Malay Music  Offered in Aug 2018
     AAI48D/AAI483 (3AU)  Choir III  Offered in Aug 2018
     AAI48J/AAI487 (3AU)   Band III  Offered in Aug 2018
    AAI48L/AAI489 (3AU)   Advanced Conducting   Offered in Aug 2018

    *Audition required for all Music Electives modules.
  • Please contact Visual Performing Arts Office at
    Tel: (65) 6790 3557

    For enquiries on Online Registration and Add/Drop matters for Electives: (for NTU students) (for NIE students)

     For enquiries on Art courses:

    (Visual Arts) Mr Paul Lincoln

    (Music) Assoc Prof Eugene Dairianathan

    (Drama) Mr Rethinavel

    Alternatively, you may correspond via mail to:

    Office of Teacher Education (Block 1)
    National Institute of Education
    Nanyang Technological University
    1 Nanyang Walk
    Singapore 637616